Collaboration within Bluebeam Studio

When a marked-up document lands on your desk with red, green, and blue markups on it, figuring out “who did what” is almost impossible. Following up on those markups generates yet another mountain of paperwork. 

Bluebeam Studio is a tool available with every paid-license of Revu allowing real-time collaboration among stakeholders on the project. Users of the free viewer and the iPad edition can also join a Studio session, collaborate, and add markups!

If you want a record of “who did what and when” this 30-minute webinar will not be wasted time!

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Presenter details:


Paul Mokler-Tibbs 

Bluebeam Certified Consultant
CADPRO Systems Ltd. 


Peter Crawley

Bluebeam Certified Trainer
CADPRO Systems Ltd.