The webinar sessions will cover the topics below:


Session 1 - Configurable Designs and Tolerancing for Machining

Presenter: Gavin Bath

Autodesk Product Design and Manufacturing Collection, includes a copy of Autodesk Inventor, which gives CNC programmers a whole range of sophisticated tools beyond CAM, to improve their manufacturing process. This webinar will walk through some useful workflows for leveraging their digital models to drive their CNC machinery in a more productive way. 

Key Learning:

  • Learn how to use iLogic in Inventor to build configurable part/workholding templates for CAM.
  • Learn how to specify tolerances on model parameters and use these to control targets for machined dimensions.
  • Learn how to use Autodesk HSM probing cycles as a QA check on a machined dimension during the production process.
  • Learn how to use model and toolpath templates in Autodesk HSM to save programming time.

Scott Moyse_150px

Session 2 - Introduction to HSM

Presenter: Scott Moyse

Did you know that you have access to advanced manufacturing tools as part of your Product Design & Manufacturing Collection? Or that as an Autodesk Inventor user, you can use the free integrated CAM add-in, Inventor HSM Express, to program your companies’ CNC milling machine(s)?

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to get started with CAM in Inventor HSM. 
  • The basics of getting a setup created, and applying various toolpaths to a 3D model, simulating and then post processing the result.
  • How to get started with programming your first milled part inside Autodesk Inventor.
  • Various resources you can use to continue your learning.


Session 3 - What's New for Inventor 2020

Presenter: Matthew Weake 

It’s that time of the year to review at the new features for Autodesk Inventor 2020.

In this webinar, we'll look forward to these releases to see which improvements and new features have been added to help us with our day to day tasks.