Discover new Revit MEP features

Join Stephan Gumpert from Autodesk for a webinar to discover the new Revit MEP features.

With the new integrated analysis functionality in Revit 2020.1 updates, the systems analysis features and framework provide a platform to optimise your HVAC systems design and modelling. Also, letting you make data-driven design decisions from the start. 

In this webinar, you will learn to:

  • Quickly create accurate analytical geometry
  • Capture what HVAC systems serve what spaces with a simple sketch tool and extensive range of zone equipment and plant loop types
  • Use Revit views, schedules, graphical and tabular reports to validate the model and review analysis results
  • Create custom analysis workflows, connecting analytical and physical for significantly greater workflow automation and whole building design optimisation


Presenter Details:

Stephan Gumpert-cicle-min

Stephan Gumpert

Senior Technical Specialist Structures/Fabrication/Cloud