Data Ownership and Fusion Team Configuration


Free Whitepaper for Fusion 360 Users

For those that have chosen to use Fusion 360 as their digital design and manufacturing tool, an understanding of how Fusion 360 uses and stores its data is critical.

This whitepaper will walk you through the steps for correct team configuration and data ownership in Fusion 360 & Fusion Team. If you are already operating Fusion 360 and Fusion Team, the whitepaper will assist you in ascertaining the state of your current setup. 

What you will learn:

  • How to configure Fusion 360 and Fusion Team data correctly 
  • How to identify and audit your current Fusion 360 Team setup
  • How to manage Fusion Team ownership and employee roles 
  • How to create a Fusion Team site 
  • Project management in Fusion 360


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“Use this whitepaper to ensure that as a business owner or IT manager, you have an understanding of Fusion 360 data management, and therefore control over your companies’ intellectual property.”

Scott Moyse, Manufacturing Technical Specialist, CADPRO Systems